Topic outline

  • General


    Course code: BMEGT52A002

    Course type: optional course is open for all type of BA/BSc and MA/MSc students

    Subject credit: 2

    Preliminary requirement: The course has no preliminary requirements 

    Type of subject requirement: mid-term mark

    Course type: Lecture

    Schedule of lectures: 2 hours/week 


    Responsible lecturer: Soós Juliánna Katalin

    Lecturers: Hámornik Balázs, Hári Péter, Köles Máté, Répáczki Rita, Séllei Beatrix, Soós Juliánna Katalin

    Course description: The goal of this course is to offer an overview to the field of psychology, to provide introduction in the scientific study of the human mind and behaviour. The course offers an engaging introduction to the basic aspects of people’s behaviour from a scientific perspective. Students will get insight into the history, methodology of psychology, fundamental and essential topics of general, cognitive, and social psychology. The lessons were designed to actively discover and acquire personal experience in the concepts and ideas offered in this course. Topics include: emotion and emotional intelligence, motivation, personality, stress and strain, workload and mental effort, well-being and several other topics of social (social perception and thinking, social relationships, group and teamwork, socialisation) and cognitive psychology (perception, sensation, memory, attention, thinking, learning, intelligence (IQ) and Artificial Intelligence). 


    • Presence at the lessons (70%), 
    • Written exam
    • Course topics

      • Introduction to Psychology
      • Emotion, emotional intelligence
      • Motivation: work and motivation
      • Personality individual differences at work
      • Identity development: Vocational and Leadership Identity
      • The individual in the social world
      • Socialization
      • Group and teamwork
      • Stress and strain, workload and mental effort, Well-being
      • Perception, Sensation
      • Memory, Attention
      • Thinking (IQ), Learning, Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence